Oscar de La Hoya VS Manny Pacquiao

Here's a breaking news of the WINNING FIGHT of the Filipino's pride, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.

Pacquiao TKOs De la Hoya

Filipino ring hero Manny Pacquiao continued to validate his status as the world's top pound-for-pound fighter when he defied the odds in knocking out boxing icon Oscar "Golden Boy" De la Hoya in their welterweight Dream Match at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Saturday night (Sunday in Manila).

There was no knockdown but a relentless Pacquiao gave De la Hoya all that he could handle, before the "Golden Boy" called it quits at the end of the eighth round, prompting referee Tony Weeks to declare the Filipino the winner by technical knockout.
It was only the second time in De la Hoya's 16-year pro career that he was stopped in a fight, and it was made even more shocking because it came at the hands of a fighter who fought at just 129 pounds months earlier. At the age of 35 De la Hoya seemed not only well beyond his prime, but unable to offer any answer to the punches that Pacquiao was landing almost at will.

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To those who haven't seen the fight of Manny, here's a round by round coverage of their fight from Yahoo! Sports by Kevin Iole - Paquiao makes De La Hoya quit after eight

De La Hoya closed as a 2-1 favorite. De La Hoya is minus-200 and Pacquiao is plus-170. The over-under is 9½ rounds. Pacquiao comes out with a slight weight advantage tonight. On the unofficial HBO scales, he weighed 148½ and De La Hoya was 147. De La Hoya is the aggressor early, but nothing lands in the first minute. Straight left from Pacquiao and then a combination from Pacquiao connects. Lead left by Pacquiao. Right to the body by Oscar. Manny misses a big hook. Straight left by Pacquiao. Combination to the head by De La Hoya backs Pacquiao up. Right by Oscar connects. Straight left by Manny.
Iole scores it 10-9, Pacquiao

Lead right by De La Hoya and a right hook from Pacquiao. Double jab by De La Hoya. Pacquiao is circling away. Combination from Oscar but doesn’t land flush. Combination to the body by De La Hoya. Right-left from Pacquiao. De La Hoya’s face is reddened from the punches. Pacquiao left lands and then an uppercut. Lead left by Pacquiao keeps getting through. Difference in hand speed is stark. Hard jab and then a left by Pacquiao. Lead left by Pacquiao.
Iole scores it 10-9, Pacquiao.

Lead left from Pacquiao to open the round connects. De La Hoya has to stop that. De La Hoya is doing nothing offensively in first minute of round. Pacquiao flicks a jab that is short. Right to the head and left to the body from De La Hoya. Lead left again by Pacquiao. Left to the body from Pacquiao. Oscar seems befuddled. Right hook to the body from Pacquiao.
Iole scores it 10-9, Pacquiao

De La Hoya connects with a jab, but first 30 seconds of round are very slow. They’re circling but not throwing much. Pacquiao lands a right hook. Triple jab from Pacquiao. Combination from Pacquiao backs De La Hoya up. The way this is going, it wouldn’t be a shock if De La Hoya were to quit on the stool at some point. He’s taking a tremendous amount of punishment. Body shot by Oscar lands and then two lefts. Oscar’s left eye is closing. He looks like a beaten, old and shot fighter.
Iole scores it 10-9, Pacquiao

Nothing happens in first minute of round. Pacquiao lands left to body and a left to the cheek. They trade in the corner and Pacquiao gets the best of it. Straight left from Pacquiao lands. Hard straight left by Pacquiao snaps Oscar’s head back. De La Hoya’s left eye is a mess. Right by Pacquiao lands on that eye. This may be stopped soon by the corner.
Iole scores it 10-9, Pacquiao

Lead right by De La Hoya lands to open the round. Pacquiao rakes De La Hoya with a three-punch combination. Double jab by Manny. Pacquiao batters De La Hoya into the corner. He’s pinned on the ropes and Pacquiao is firing away. Fight is close to ending. Pacquiao is hitting De La Hoya hard with everything he throws. Oscar is in big, big trouble. Left to the body by Pacquiao hurts Oscar. Oscar has never been beaten like this in any of his 44 previous fights. Pacquiao is overwhelming him.
Iole scores it 10-8, Pacquiao

Pacquiao goes to the body and is warned by referee Tony Weeks to keep them up. Lead right by Oscar connects. Combination by Pacquiao pins Oscar in the corner. Lead left by Pacquiao buzzes De La Hoya. Combination wobbles him in the corner. Double jab by Pacquiao. Combination by Pacquiao lands. De La Hoya goes to the body. Four-punch combination by Pacquiao lands and hurts Oscar.
Iole scores it 10-9, Pacquiao

Fight is stopped just as the round is set to begin. Manny Pacquiao is the winner. Official time is 3:00 of the eighth.

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Vennorex said...

I dont really like boxing,but I have to say that De la Hoya has a really nice technique.I like the old boxers more like Lenox Lewis,Muhammad Ali ,and others.

SomethingRandomToDo! said...

hmm i've never ever watched boxing before, actually. Wow i'm really impressed by the details that are recorded down! is this how game overviews typically look like?

daria369 said...

Also not a boxing fan but - congratulations to the winner anyway!

Jesse said...

I was actually quite mad that I missed this fight. But this post details a lot of it it seems like. Great job... I'm still disappointed De la Hoya got knocked out.

Mr. Wilson said...

i don't know what got into dela hoya's mind, but he sucks..i think the fight was fixed..

Bhing said...

@ Vennorex - yes, De la Hoya has a nice technique in his boxing style but I guess Pacquaio got more greater technique this time since he won..

@ SomthingRandomToDo - yes, that's typically how the game look like..

@ daria - well, the winner is my fellow Filipino.. :)

@ Jesse - I think there will be a rematch..

@ Mr.Wilson - how come you think that the game was fixed? Didn't you know the caliber of Manny Pacquaio?

giojahn said...

i lost 12 pack beer with on this one. Nice round by round details.

Bhing said...

@giojahn - my father and my older brothers lost 3 bottles of rhum! After the main event, they were so drunk! LOL .. But I agree, the fight was really good..