What is Christmas?

This is the month of December. One thing that comes to our mind is the celebration of Christmas season. People are very busy buying this and that. Christmas shopping here and there. Many people seem to think that Christmas is all about buying and giving gifts to people.

But the question is, what is really the true meaning of Christmas?

Christmas seem to be irrelevant to many. It is no longer associated with Jesus the Christ, the messiah, the one who came to save the world from destroying itself. We need to remember that the real TRUE meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

People need to stop all the commercial non sense around the Christmas season. Put a bit of God back into your lives.

How about you? What is the meaning of Christmas to you and to your life?

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Brian Carpenter said...

What Holidays should we have in the new Leprechaun Kingdom? The Leprechauns have already taken over the world, what advice will you give the king?

Phikoz said...

I totally agree! This holiday is meant to remember the Word made Flesh, Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary.

Neil said...

You're right on the target with this post today!

anthony said...

that's true and I agree with what this article talks about..christmas is the most memorable season of the year..

Ronald said...

I agree but also Easter Sunday.

NIX said...

Christmas mean the birth of Christ, the hope for man and the light of hope.

I appreciate Christmas more then any other day.

Bhing said...

@Brian - I don't have any idea about Leprechaun..

@Phikoz - Yes, you are right.. I am glad to hear that you are just like me who remember the true meaning of Christmas..

@Neil - Thanks for that.. :)I am just so sad because of the commercialism that is being practiced during this time of the year..

@anthony - Indeed the most memorable season of the year..

@Ronald - You are right on that too..

@Nix - We should all appreciate it..

deco said...

may the all world have the peace they expect. Any way its a nice pic. keep blogging

Robin Green said...

I agree! So often it is forgotten that Jesus is the real reason for Christmas. Thanks for reminding us all.

welcome to my blog! said...

you are right bhing...right now im just missing my family i missed christmas...nothing like you celebrate it with your love ones...ho ho ho ho

Bhing said...

@deco - I wish that to everyone as well..

@Robin - That is because of commercialism that is being practiced that we often forgot the true meaning of the celebration.. But there's always a chance for us to realized about it..

@Welcome to my blog - That is certainly true! It's nothing when you are not with your family.. I know the feeling!


well I wish everyday is christmas!

I agree with you. Christmas is a celebration for to remember God's Word and we need to celebrate it cause it only come once a year.

Andy said...

I have to confess, I am not a religious person. But I like the fact that it brings the whole family together. Sat round a table with arguments happening left and right, is what my Christmas is all about. They might fight and irritate you, but you still got to love them.

space_aye said...

I´m atheist. The fact is that Christmas has not religious meaning to me.
For me Christmas represent the family unite around the table, the family love, that´s very important.
And of course, the generosity, give and recive presents it´s all about generosity.
All the rest it´s only legend.

Unfortunatly people buy everything to all people in Cristhmas, and companies get a lot of money. I hate that.

KingDestroyer said...

Now a days Christmas has no meaning. Most people work because they need the extra money. Problem with this is there is no quality family time and they buy a present and think that is good enough. www.heavenhasfallen.com

SPRAWL said...

Christmas is simply the most wonderful time in the world :) happy holidays - sprawlmma

Retromus-ik said...

Hey! I agree with you! I actually made a post about it. http://retromus-ik.blogspot.com
"Christmas time is here"
you can find my thought on Christmas towards the end of my post! :)

MorgansMummy said...

I couldn't care less about celebrating jesus and all them, I never cared for the biblical side of thing.
Christmas to me used to be about pressents. Then when I had my son, its more about being close to family. I will still buy pressents for my children however I will like to bring them up knowing Christmas IS NOT about who gets the most pressents.