First Google Adsense Payment Check Received

I am proud to say that I just received my first Google Adsense Check and I am just waiting till the clearing end so I can withdraw the money which I deposited in the local Bank here in our town the day that I received the check.

Read the whole story of it which I posted in my other blog - Make Money Online

I am pretty excited to hold the cash in my own hands.. HA HA..

Payment Proof:

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MorgansMummy said...

Dont know if the other message posted but I will repeat it here.
OH thats so awesome. I havent made a cent I dont think. How do you know if people are clicking on it because mine jsut shows up $0 lol Grats on your earnings!!

Wenny said...

It's fantastic! Congratulations! Hope this the beginning of more $$$$$ to come.

Care to advice me specifically for my blog? I've been on it since mid-October. As at today, I've got only about $12. I am positive I can make to $100 but I must not be doing it right. Helppp???

JeD Chan said...

Hi Bhing!

Wow! Congratulations! You really deserve it! My adsense is moving quite slow..huhuhu poor me..:)

I'll take this as an inspiration. Keep it up! God Bless!!

JeD Chan

Joanne Chan said...

Hey Bhinge,

Long time didn't contact! Glad to know that you've received the check!! Oh, that's really good!! All the best to you ya :)


Bhing said...

@MorgansMummy: Don't worry, one day you will going to earn from adsense.. :)

@Wenny: Thanks.. I will going to tell you my secret.. lol

@Jed: Thank you.. Well, your blog is doing very good and you are working on your traffic.. That's already an earning for you.. :) Just keep up the good work..

@Joanne: Hey! Long time no hear.. It's nice to see you dropped by.. Thanks by the way for the nice words..:)

diamondmum said...

congrats on this Bhing!

after what had happened to you...things turn out fine:)

Daria said...

Great news, just in time when you need them most - to recover faster and get in the mood to make even more $$$... :)


WarPony said...

Congratulations! I can't wait until I get my first check!

Lob Eng said...

Congratulation! Hope you get more and more checks in future !

I believe very one here should deserves a check and we should support one another!

Julie said...

That's just awesome! I remember my first check I ever got from Google. That is a great feeling!

Connie said...

Awesome! I don't know many people that have earned from Google. I signed up for it a long time ago and never earned a thing and then gave up. Maybe I shouldn't have!

Kirsten said...

Wow, congrats. Well if you can do then anyone can. What's your secret?

History Cellar said...


Anonymous said...

wow,,,,,,, Congratulations :-D