Lemonade Award

For almost 4 months that I've been blogging, this is the second time I received an award from my fellow blogger. The first time was from Ate Mye which I wasn't able to make a post for the reason that my computer was acting weird. I am totally sorry because receiving an award for the first time is really an honor but yet I didn't make it. So this time, I will try to make it up..
Justify FullThank you yanjiaren at Green not Mean for giving me this Lemonade Award. I really appreciate it! So as part of this wonderful linking game, I will pass this award to the following bloggers and then kindly link back to this blog and if you can, leave a comment in this post. Thanks to all of you guys! Happy Blogging...

1. http://ondiamondmum.blogspot.com/
3. http://laughoutloud143.blogspot.com
4. http://jedchan.com/
5. http://wartrip.blogspot.com/
6. http://journey1000words.com/
7. http://www.chatbugkaren.com/
8. http://property2009.blogspot.com/
9. http://blogappetite.blogspot.com/

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diamondmum said...

Thanks so much Bhing!

keep on posting...am looking forward for those:-)



Lilian said...

thanks a lot bhing for passing the award to my laugh out loud blog...cheers and congratulations!

MorgansMummy said...

YAY! Thanks alot for that! I gladly accept it.
Grats on the second award!!

WARSHOCK said...

wow..this is a great award.
thanks lotz Bhing, like you this is my 2nd lemonade trophy.. that makes us multi awardees, right...lol.
again, thanks a lot.

JeD Chan said...

Thanks a lot Bhing! I really appreciate it!

Keep it up!

God Bless on your blog!

JeD Chan

mye said...

thanks dear! keep up the blogging work...by the way, can you also help me put the bookmarking tools widget? i don't know how to do it hahhaha

satya said...

ur blog is so nice!By the way at your free time try to visit my site.I'll also visit yours often.I'll add you in my blogroll as soon as you visit mine.Hope you'l visit soon.

thunderrider said...

keep on posting...am looking forward for those:-)


Marie Reed said...

What nice bling for Bhing:) I am following you now!

Christina thecoffeelady said...

Congratulations to all the Award winners... Keep up the good work!

Sadie said...

Congrats, Bhing! And MorgansMummy past it on to me, so thanks, secondhandily. :)