Problem Enrolling my EON Visa Card

The first week of February, I had to go to Davao City to apply for EON Visa Card in Union Bank of the Philippines since we don't have one in our city. After I applied, the lady from the bank told me that I have to wait for one week or so before I will get my card.

When I received my card, I tried to ENROLL it in Union Bank Online banking so I can add my card to my paypal account. When I Enroll it, there was a problem with the Union Bank website in which I can't get through the step 4 which is the confirmation of the enrollment. When I hit the submit button, it says it is still processing so I have to wait.. I waited for 4 hours and yet it is still the same reason I received.. So what I did was I tried to go back from step 1 and when I reached the step four and filled up the blanks there and hit the submit button, it was error! It says, "INVALID THIRD PARTY EON ACCOUNT"

I tried to call the customer service but I can't get through.. I tried to send them an e-mail but there was no response (there's an e-mail account stated at the back of the card).. It's been three days now since I sent the e-mail..

It's becoming my problem now because I can't verify my paypal account if I can't enroll my card successfully.. I don't know what to do now..

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amiable amy said...

Girl, are you active in using your online banking sa Union Bank? Kasi, I have the same problem with my China Bank kaya , super delayed talaga. Unverified lagi ang status ko sa Paypal. But, then, since I keep on using my online banking sa Bank of America, yun ginamit ko. Until now, I don't have access to my China Bank online. I tried to call and email pansin. I hope your problem will be fix. Enroll another bank nalang. Try mo BDO.

Andre said...

I feel your pain. Unionbank should really fire/overhaul their whole tech department or something. I've been trying to have my password reset for over a year and up until now nothing has been done.

The best thing to do is to make kulit their customer service department.

For me, it's gotten to a point where I will be collecting all the bad reviews/stories people have with Unionbank and I'll be posting it on a blog or something.

Maybe then their service will improve.

HRI Marketing said...

hi, i also got an eon account unionbank and it took forever to reach their customer service hotline, most of the time the line is busy or no one is answering. I got fed up after waiting 3 weeks and i just walked in to a branch and asked for help. Good thing the bank representative knew how to fix the problem. My case is simple, all i have to do is deposit P 200 to activate and link my paypal account to the eon account. hope you fix your problem asap.

Bhing said...

@amiable amy: How can I be active kung di pa nga ako nakaEnroll sa Online Banking.. Yun nga kasi ang problema.. If i can't enroll it successfully, that means di ko malink yung card ko sa paypal..

@Andre: You are right! It seems it would be forever ang ganyang sistema sa customer service nila.. They should have at least care for us.. Paano na ngayon yan na katulad ko na walang union bank, kailangan pang travel for 6 hours sa ibang city para lng matugonan ang problema.. haaay!

@hri marketing: Good thing for you that your problem is fixed now.. Sa akin, di ko alam kung paano.. Wala kasi kaming Union Bank dito.. I tried to call the branch kung saan ako ngApply for eon card, di rin nila alam.. I really don't know what to do now.. huhu

Eric of BlogDeManila said...

had the same problem before. no success on calling their customer service. all I did was sent them a hundreds email, OK make that more than 10 not hundreds but my point is Unionbank customer service is very poor.

so the next time you've got problem with them..send emails instead, it will take time for them to reply but it's better that not getting any response at all

vhincent said...

Luckily was able to get my EON card last february and verified my Paypay account.

Kaines nga yung website ng Union bank minsan sobra bagal takes forever click mo lang yung ibang page.

buti n lang yung four digit number lumalabas na din sa transaction unlike before you have to call them to get it..

Friendz said...

nice post..
have a nice day

Pj said...

hi Bhing! Grace here. Paabota lang na, ma verify ra lagi na. pareho na sa ako ^^

Sietse Smith said...

Sucks to battle against such a huge corporation. I guess everyone has bad experiences like this.

Hope it works out soon!

Anamika said...

Paypal also have an option where you can fax your identity and address proof document to verify your account. You may try the same.