Successfully Enrolled EON Card

This is just an update with my problem regarding my EON card.. Well, I have a good news for you guys, I have successfully enrolled my EON card in Union Bank's website..

After how many weeks of calling the Union Bank branch, e-mailing the customer service and for waiting, I successfully access their Online Banking , created a cyber account and enrolled my card. After a few days, I got my EXPUSE Number and was able to linked to my paypal account and got verified..

Although my account is already verified, my account is still limited.. I am working on it already to lift it.. What is good of having a verified account even it is limited, I have the option to withdraw my funds which is a great!

I already withdraw it and the status shows "completed".. I am now waiting for my bank to do the part of processing.. I will keep you updated on it on my next post!

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WarPony said...

I'm so glad to hear that!!!

gwafa aketch said...

i was left wondering what's an EON cyber card?.. i really don't have any idea about it. but I'm glad you had it done. I know how hard it is with things in the Philippines i mean sometimes its just driving me crazy. hehehehe cheers for bhing! mabuhay ka kapatid!

freemoneysite said...

i have 60 dollar payout on my paypal account but getting an eon account is quite hard i'm still searching for some way or other card is paypal accepting bpi express cash card