Do you Question HIM?

I have been in a lot of problems and trials these past few months but I never ask God why these things are happening to me.. I do believe that everything happens for a reason..

How about you? Do you question HIM?


I won't dare to question God why I
pain and anguish..

Because I never try to question HIM when
feel joy and happiness

in my heart...

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Anonymous said...

i dont question him at all Bhing

congratulations ;-)

i wish to follow you on this blog but i dont trust sites that is asking me to sign in before i can follow.. i am sorry.. will just visit your site through blog catalog..

God bless

MommaYoung said...

Hello Bhing,

I agree. I don't question him, just tell myself there is a reason for this.

And I appreciate so much the good things.

Have a great rest of your week.

WarPony said...

I used to, until I learned that I don't need to KNOW all the answers. I just need to have faith.

cady said...

i have. i think questioning him is ok. he always answers.

cady said...

i do. he always answers.