My Paypal account is still limited

I am no where to go.. I went through the process of a lot of things just to verify my paypal, and now it is verified! The problem is that it is still limited.. Gosh! I don't know what to do.. Calling them is pretty expensive..

In the resolution area in my paypal account, they want me to send them a few documents namely proof of address, valid photo id and monthly bank account statement. I can send the other two documents but not the monthly bank statement. I am not receiving any statements from my bank ever since I opened an account from them.. I tried to talk to the recipients of the local bank and they said that monthly statements are to be sent from their main office and mailed to our address and I told them that I did not receive anything, so what they did was they gave me a print out copy of my bank statement. When I tried to send the document, paypal did not accept it. Maybe because it is just a print out copy and not the real copy which has a seal and stuff.

Now.... I really do not know what to do! I couldn't get some of my online earning because I could not receive payments due to the limitation. =(

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Diane Scott said...

Try again with their customer service. Could be just a misunderstanding (however I live in the States so don't take my word as gospel). But you'd never send originals of any banking material to anyone, least of all ship it overseas. I hope you get your problem resolved soon!

Lisalicious said...

i havent really use paypal ...

what you mean limited?

Venkat S Murthy said...

May b i can help ya out!,
Ocassionally keep sending to my paypal account some amout!, so that u still have some vacancy in ur account!!!
he..he jus kidding!,

Maureen said...

I've never had issues with paypal. I have a business account and the verification process was done online after they make tiny deposits in your account and you verify them. I wonder if something is different since you are not in the US?

I would think customer service can help online

Julie said...

The process for me was the same as Maureen's, but I'm in the US also. Good luck!

Harri Rautiainen said...

I can appreciate you situation, Bhing.
I went through the same recently, and it took eight months and numerous calls to Ireland and emails to rectify the situation.

In summary, Paypal will create a problem from nothing, and then the burden in on the account holder to resolve it.

I already happily forgot the hassle, frustration and costs involved when you reminded me of this. :-)

Seriously, if you want details, send me a private message.

good luck,

Mkcoy said...

Hi sorry to hear you are having these problesm with Paypal. I know its not easy trying to get anywhere with them. I have had my own paypal nightmares (see
If you dont know about that place already there will be people there who might be able to help you. All the bestisist!