My Collection

Ever since, I really have a wide variety of interest in terms of sneakers... The first brand which I really like most is Chuck Taylor (Converse). There are some who were given by a special someone, others which I bought from my own money. Well, here are they..

These are the shoes which I bought from my own pocket. Since I couldn't ask from my mom directly to buy expensive shoes, so what I did was I saved and saved! I couldn't imagine I was able to save money and bought those stuff. LOL

(This pic was my first ever chuck taylor shoes which I bough in UK, do you know what UK means? Well it is Ukay-ukay! LOL)

(I bought this one in UK too!)

(this one as well.. )

(and this one.. well, this looks brand new when I bought this sneakers)

(Well, this one was not bought from UK.. This was the first chuck taylor which I bought in the mall, and it cost me around 1,500 pesos.. whew! It is a big money for me already.. LOL)

(And this chuck taylor here.. my favorite one! I bought it in a garage sale.. I really like the color so I grab it..)

(This red chuck taylor which looks like a pink one (lol), was bought in UK as well.. I was with my close friend that time when I saw it hanging in the outside the store)

The shoes below was given to me by special someone..

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President Obama's First Pitch

President Barack Obama took the field at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the 2009 All Star Game -- but some fans watching at home still don't know just how good his pitching skills really are.

You can read more information about how Obama pitch here -

or you can read more in Yahoo Sports -,176561

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The $17,500 Video Game

Think $60 video games are too expensive? You won't hear any argument from us, but you might from JJ Hendricks, a collector who just paid a clinically insane $17,500 for an obscure NES game from 1990.

The game in question is an ultra-rare, gold-colored version of Nintendo World Championships, a cartridge specially produced for use in a Nintendo-sponsored gaming contest. According to Wikipedia only 26 were created, and Hendricks calls it the "Holy Grail" of video game collectors.

The game itself has a time limit of just 6 minutes and 21 seconds and consists of three short segments from other NES games: Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and Rad Racer. Players are scored according to their performance in each game, and their scores are totaled once the time limit expires. Doesn't sound too riveting to us, but then somehow we doubt Hendricks is in it for the gameplay.

And while $17,500 might seem a bit much for a collection of ones and zeroes, Hendricks actually got a bargain: the game was originally listed on eBay for a cool $25,000.


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