My Collection

Ever since, I really have a wide variety of interest in terms of sneakers... The first brand which I really like most is Chuck Taylor (Converse). There are some who were given by a special someone, others which I bought from my own money. Well, here are they..

These are the shoes which I bought from my own pocket. Since I couldn't ask from my mom directly to buy expensive shoes, so what I did was I saved and saved! I couldn't imagine I was able to save money and bought those stuff. LOL

(This pic was my first ever chuck taylor shoes which I bough in UK, do you know what UK means? Well it is Ukay-ukay! LOL)

(I bought this one in UK too!)

(this one as well.. )

(and this one.. well, this looks brand new when I bought this sneakers)

(Well, this one was not bought from UK.. This was the first chuck taylor which I bought in the mall, and it cost me around 1,500 pesos.. whew! It is a big money for me already.. LOL)

(And this chuck taylor here.. my favorite one! I bought it in a garage sale.. I really like the color so I grab it..)

(This red chuck taylor which looks like a pink one (lol), was bought in UK as well.. I was with my close friend that time when I saw it hanging in the outside the store)

The shoes below was given to me by special someone..

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Nagashiko said...

Nice collection of chucks! =D

Kitty Miki said...

This shoes on the nineth pic is so cool ! ^^

Ashlinn11 said...

those are pretty cool shoes! (i also buy in UK - ukay ukay..hahaha =D )

gie said...

You really have a thing for sneakers, huh!