How To Know if Your Man is Cheating?

I was browsing the internet and I found an article from yahoo regarding about guys. It is one common problem of girls on how to find out if their guys are cheating or the other way around. I find it interesting so I try to post it here in my blog.

Source: 6 Signs Your Guy is Cheating

It’s every woman’s worst relationship fear — that her man is cheating. We’ve all heard the statistic: half of all men cheat. And some experts say that number is even closer to three quarters. Could it be happening to you? Aside from finding lipstick on his collar, a mysterious condom in his pocket or, yes, a phone number on a napkin (helpful hints but unlikely clichés!), there are some red flags to watch out for to tip you off that something fishy might be going on. The following are six signs that should raise your eyebrows:

1. He’s Acting Differently.
The most telltale sign of a cheating man is that he’s acting differently than the way he used to. If any of the signals below describe your guy’s usual actions, don’t freak out and immediately assume he’s having an affair; he’s probably just being his quirky self. What you should be suspicious of is new developments, says Barbara Feld, LCSW, a couple’s therapist at Park Avenue Relationship Consultants in New York City. She says you should ask yourself, “Is what’s happening different than normal? Is he showing a real change in behavior?” If he’s always been private, hasn’t ever had the highest sex drive, or often flakes out on plans, that’s just who he is. It’s when he starts to be that way and never was before that you should start asking questions.

2. He’s Avoiding You.
If your guy has suddenly started coming home much later, seems to be making excuses to be out of the house, starts going away with out you on the weekends, or just generally seems to be avoiding you, that’s a clear indication of trouble in your relationship. M. Gary Neuman, a licensed family counselor and the author of “The Truth About Cheating” found that 61 percent of cheating men said they started spending more time away from home. 55 percent of men about to cheat said the same thing. No matter how busy your guy may be, he should be making an effort to see you (because, hello – he loves you, right?). If he’s stopped making time for you, it’s not at all unreasonable to wonder if he’s making time for someone else.

3. You’re Having Less/Different Sex.
You might think that cheating men stop sleeping with their partners completely. But that’s not always the case. According to M. Gary Neuman, a little less than half of cheating men report having less sex with their partner. Others keep having sex so that they don’t raise suspicions – sneaky b------ s. So be alert to the amount of sex you’re having, but most of all, pay attention to the quality of the sex. Therapist Barbara Feld says sometimes when a guy is having an affair, the quantity of sex remains the same, but it’s the sex itself that changes. Maybe it used to be very romantic, and feel more like making love, and now it just feels like plain old sex.

4. His General Response to You Has Changed.
If a guy is having an affair, he may stop acting like the sweet, romantic man you fell in love with. Maybe he used to be very loving and kind towards you, but now he seems to get annoyed easily, be critical, or pick fights. If he’s consistently not being affectionate with you, don’t brush it off. Try to figure out why he’s different – and what could be distracting him, or making him feel guilty.

5. He Has Suddenly Become Very Private.
It’s just not normal for your guy to always go into a different room to answer calls, keep his cell phone in his car, or get really private about his bills (unless, of course, your man is a privacy freak and you knew that going in). But if he suddenly stops checking his e-mail in front of you, has turned the bathroom into a phone booth, and has redirected the bills to his office, it’s a fair guess than an affair is under way.

6. He is Unreliable
Quite simply, says Barbara Feld, “is he where he says he will be?” If he’s never where he says he’s going to be, it’s a certain sign he’s lying to you about something. Maybe he says he’ll be at the office, but you call and he’s not there. Or he says he’s with a friend, and that friend then calls looking for him. Everyone’s plans change sometimes, but if your guy is consistently not where he says he will be, it’s very possible it’s because he’s with another woman.

What to Do?
If your guy is showing any of these six signs, talk with him about it. Tell him things feel different than they used to, and you want to know what’s going on. “If he tells you everything is fine but you know it’s not, continue to pursue the issue,” says Barbara Feld. “You can also suggest, ‘let’s talk to someone together,’ and get couples therapy.”

Don’t turn a blind eye on your relationship. If things are bad, getting bad, or just feel strange, do something about it. Even if you guy isn’t having an affair, all the signs above could be signals that he’s about to. By addressing – and working with him to fix – whatever is going on in your relationship, you can prevent an affair from ever happening in the first place. If you’re noticing negative changes or problems in your relationship, address them now, while they’re still small. Maintaining a strong relationship with open communication is one of the best things you can do to ensure fidelity—both on his part, and on yours.

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Baby's Sleeping Habits

Newborn baby sleep habits are among new parents' first concerns. In fact, one of the questions typically asked to new parents is "how does baby sleep"? Often, the new parents are so sleep-deprived that they can't answer in complete sentences anyway, which usually answers the question without an explanation! If you ask any two moms or dads the same question, you will more than likely get two very different answers. This is to be expected. After all, a newborn doesn't realize that he needs a schedule, and he probably won't fall into one until he is at least four or five months old.

How much does a newborn baby sleep?

Newborn babies may sleep as much as twenty hours a day. You may be thinking that if your baby is going to sleep that much, you won't be sleep-deprived at all! The problem, however, is that newborn babies sleep in spurts. Your infant may sleep an hour or two, then wake up to eat for twenty minutes, then sleep another hour, then wake up to be changed, then sleep for thirty minutes...You get the picture! You will need to try and rest when baby sleeps, if at all possible.

What if my newborn baby gets her days and nights mixed up?

It isn't at all uncommon for a newborn to get her days and nights confused. After all, she has spent the first nine months in almost semi to total darkness. It was probably quite a rude awakening for her as she experienced labor and delivery, and she was greeted by bright lights and many people poking, prodding, and holding her.

She isn't ready for a schedule yet, so you will have to encourage her newborn baby sleep habits to change. Until she does, however, you should still try to rest when she is sleeping. If you have other children, this can be difficult, so enlist the help of your partner, family members, and friends. The more rested you are, the easier it will be to cope with the changes that having a baby can bring.

Encouraging Newborn Baby Sleep Habits

Although you really can't expect your newborn baby to follow a set schedule, you can gently condition him to become a better sleeper at night. If he seems to sleep better in the day than at night, you will need to create an environment that is not as conducive to sleep during the daylight hours. You can do this by keeping baby in a well-lit room around other people. Interact with your newborn anytime he is awake. Talk to him, and play with him.

As the day turns into night, begin creating a bedtime ritual. You might want to give him a bath, change him into a gown, and feed him while sitting in a darkened room. Many babies sleep better if there is some type of background noise or white noise, such as a fan. You can turn this on only at night. If you continue to follow this ritual, eventually, your baby will associate this with bedtime, and you should notice him sleeping for longer periods at night.

Where should my newborn baby sleep?

Where your baby sleeps is actually a personal preference. Some parents prefer having their babies in the room with them, sleeping in a bassinet or crib. Others prefer to start their babies off in their own rooms. Still others prefer to have their babies sleep with them.

A word of caution, however-If you do want your baby to sleep with you, there are specially designed baby beds that let your newborn baby sleep in your bed but eliminate the risk of your baby being smothered either by a sleeping parent, bed covers, or a pillow. Remember-no matter where your newborn baby sleeps, she should always be placed on her back to lessen the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Her crib or bassinet should also be free of blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and loose sheets.

Finally, it will be several weeks or months until your baby sleeps for longer periods of time. Until then, do your best to rest as much as possible, and remember that babies grow fast. Soon, your baby will be sleeping through the night, and you'll feel a lot more rested in the morning!

Source: Newborn Baby Sleep Habits

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Bagyong Pepeng (Typhoon Parma)

There is another typhoon that hits the country (Philippines) and that is Typhoon Pepeng, the international name is Parma. It is causing another disaster in our country: heavy rains, floods and landslides.

Typhoon Parma, the strongest typhoon to hit the country since 2006, was hovering off the northwestern coast of the main Luzon island, the weather bureau said.

Here are some of the videos taken to the places that were affected of the typhoon:

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What to wear and not to wear at work

There are a lot of us do not know how to dress up properly most especially if it is work related so I am going to show you an article about The way you dress affects how others view you. It's nothing personal, just business.

Many professional women are guilty of multiple fashion faux pas without realizing it, and their lack of judgment can sometimes lead to being passed over for a job or promotion.

Dressing for success means business, not pleasure. Read on for our must-avoids.

Too much cleavage
Showing too much cleavage at work is the No. 1 fashion faux pas on our list. Studies show that women who dress in sexy attire in a professional environment are more often passed over for promotions than women who dress more conservatively. Bottom line: If you want to get ahead, ditch the low-cut top.

Too-short skirt
Wearing a micro-mini may send the message that you're trying to compensate for skills you lack in other areas. Also, the knee is a visual anchor, says Barbara Pachter, an etiquette expert. People's attention will be drawn downward when they approach you, instead of toward your face where it should be. Save your minis for after office hours and, while it doesn't need to be knee length, put on a skirt that you can sit down in without showing too much thigh.

See-through clothes
Summer materials such as organza and liquid jersey look and feel cool and pretty, but in the light of a staff meeting, they can reveal the outlines of your legs — and much more. The best solution is to check out your ensemble in a bright, naturally lit room before leaving for work. Always wear transparent blouses over camis or under jackets; transparent dresses and skirts should be layered over a slip or leggings. Ginger Burr of Total Image Consultants notes that buying clothes with lining — especially white pants and skirts — is always a safe choice.

A rule of thumb when it comes to accessories in the workplace: Less is more. Costume jewelry, when worn in bulk, tends to look tacky. The real thing, on the other hand, can come off as gaudy. A boardroom-ready look includes one show stopper plus subtle accessories. That means if you're going to put on a chunky beaded necklace, stick to minimal earrings and arm candy.

Bringing the beach into the office
Sundresses, spaghetti-straps, flip-flops. Nothing makes you look less professional than coming to the office like you're dressed for the beach. Having a cover-up like a pashmina, neutral blazer or cardigan on hand will always make an outfit look more professional. Truth be told, however, these summer staples are best avoided at the office. Trade your tank top for a silk shell and Havaianas for backless mules.

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