How to Tell if Your Woman is Cheating on You

In my previous post How to Know if Your Man is Chating, a guy visitor of my blog commented that he was cheated before by her woman. So he told me that i have to balance it. So to make it fair and balance, it will be the other way around. Now I am going to share to you an article about How to Tell If Your Woman is Cheating on You from

Have you ever suspected your girlfriend to be cheating on you at one point in your relationship? Do you trust her too much and believe that she can never do something foolish behind your back? If you do, it is time to wake up because some women, just like men, also flirt when their boyfriends are not in sight. They find enjoyment in playing and leading on other guys especially if they know that the said guys are attracted to them.

1. It's hard to say how frequently married women cheat. Polls have had widely divergent results, showing that anywhere from 10 percent to 60 percent of the married female population will have an affair at some point--although marriage counselors say the lower end is more likely. But while most cheaters are still men (but not by much, actually), women are more likely than ever to be the ones who stray.

One of the leading signs that your girlfriend is cheating is a noticeable void in her need for your attention. Since she is now having that particular need met elsewhere, she will not pursue you to fill this need any longer. For example, you stop showing interest in her likes and hobbies. Your girlfriend might start to look for someone who is interested in those things. This person could be a friend, but if there is an attraction and this other person is willing to fill this void, she may decide to cheat.

2. Another sign is her paying more attention to her physical appearance. Of course, if your girlfriend already focuses heavily on appearance, this may not be a sign at all. But if your girlfriend usually leaves the house in sweats and little makeup and now is putting on a nice outfit, makeup and fixing her hair for simple things like going to the grocery store, it may be cause for concern. If she suddenly is focusing on a diet and exercise regimen and makes no mention of what sparked her motivation, this could be a signal of infidelity.

3. If you see your girlfriend trying to avoid being overheard on the phone, this is a sign she doesn't want you to know something. Now, when I talk on the phone, I don't like being in a room with someone else. For one thing, it seems rude for me to be talking over whatever they are doing. Second, I get distracted trying to have two discussions at once.

But if your girlfriend has been happy for years to talk away while you watch t.v., but suddenly decides you need peace and quite, this is a sign that she doesn't want you to hear what she's talking about.

4. Feelings of guilt will show up in strange ways. She might suddenly be much more affectionate than she has been, so much so that it seems artificial. This is her trying to cope with guilt feelings.

At other times, if she appears to be picking fights with you, this is another way of coping with guilt. She needs justification for cheating, so she will pick fights that allow her to look at you as the bad guy.

If both of these appear at once, then these mood swings are a good indication that something is going on.

5. If your girlfriend starts to dress differently, this is a sign she's dressing for another man. Of course, women like new clothes. So don't get crazy if she continues her normal shopping patterns. But if you notice she's bought a whole bunch of new lingerie, you could have a problem.

6. Finally and most importantly. Women need an emotional connection in order to feel desire. If she feels she does not have that connection with you she will start to pull away sexually. As she develops an emotional connection with another male what is left of her emotional connection to you will start to wane further.

7. In closing, there are ups and downs in every relationship. Try to remember that one of these signs by itself does not signify that cheating is taking place. If you only see a couple of signs you should count yourself lucky and work to improve that area of your relationship. However; when you see multiple signs then you need to heed their warning. If she hasn't cheated, she soon will be. Take the steps necessary to protect your most important asset, your relationship.

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