Countdown to Christmas

No one really waits 'til the first week of December to start planning for Christmas. It takes weeks to plan decorations, make wreaths and garlands, collect gifts, and get in the holiday spirit.

  • Organize Your Gift Wrap Headquarters
    Whether you wrap your gift purchases as you buy them or save everything to do at once, the job will be easier if you get everything organized. You'll find helpful tips in our article on Gift Wrapping Tips. Get all your gift wrapping supplies in one place with a large wrapping surface available. Include paper, tissue, ribbon, raffia, tags, tape, scissors, and double face tape.
  • Make Your Christmas Card List
    If your days are really busy, writing Christmas cards might seem like a chore. But if you get organized ahead of time, it won't be so difficult. Once you've bought your Christmas cards, take time to address the envelopes, add the stamp, and your return address. Then each day for the next couple of weeks, sign or write notes on several cards. Before you know it, you'll have everyone done. Be sure to keep a few extras on hand for people you might have forgotten.
  • Fill Your Freezer With Goodies
    Start baking cookies, breads, main dishes, and desserts and store them carefully in the freezer. Then during the busy days around Christmas, you'll have meals for family and friends.
  • Gifts for the Disadvantaged
    You'll have plenty of specific gifts to buy for family and friends. So now is a good time to think of others who are less fortunate. Purchase some toys and gifts for "Toys for Tots" or the Salvation Army. Be sure to include your children in this special giving. You'll be setting a good example for years to come. Read some of our Shopping Strategies to avoid the busiest times to shop and get good bargains.
  • Plan Your Parties
    If you're planning to entertain two different circles of friends, say those from work and those from church, plan the parties on two consecutive days. You'll only have to clean house once, cook once, choose your clothes once, polish the silver once, make one centerpiece. You'll save lots of time and frustration, doing all the preparation at one time.
  • Start Basic Holiday Decorating
    It's not too early to start to decorate your home. Start with a fresh pine wreath for the front door. Put candles everywhere. Tie seasonal bows all around. Lay a fire in the fireplace. Turn on some traditional Christmas music. Get out the holiday dishes.

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