Pacquaio Beats Clottey

Manny Pacquiao won again! Well, being a Filipino, i am very proud of him. Filipinos was too engrossed watching the fight last March 14. We were too busy doing anything but just focus on the tv screen. LOL

MANNY PACQUIAO underlined just what a special talent he is with a landslide points victory over Joshua Clottey.

Pacquiao's victory in Dallas last week was no great surprise but I was disappointed with Clottey, who didn't do much more than show up.

Perhaps his negativity can be explained by Pacquiao's workrate.

The Filipino threw around 1,200 punches - that's a phenomenal number.

Clottey did catch Manny a few times but Pacquiao has confidence in his chin, even though he's fighting up at welterweight.

His opponent's best shots just bounced off him.

Pacquiao won his first title at flyweight 12 years ago and is now beating the best at welterweight - little short of greatness.

And instead of getting slower with age and by going through the divisions, he's getting quicker.

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