Mystery Hero Helps in Tot's River Rescue

(April 5) -- A California couple want to thank the mysterious man who jumped into the frigid East River to help rescue their 2-year-old daughter after she slipped on a gangplank while visiting a ship docked at New York's South Street Seaport.

But they can't find him because he left the scene in a cab moments after toddler Bridgette Sheriden was back on land.

In a video captured by witness Eric Stringer and shared with the New York Daily News, David Anderson is seen bobbing in the river and holding on to a rope as he clutches his daughter in the 48-degree water on Saturday.

"He went all the way under, and when he came up, he had her in his arms," Stringer, 34, a freelance TV producer from Hicksville, N.Y., told the Daily News. "She was motionless, at first. It was a couple of seconds, and then she started crying."

The mystery man leaped into the river along with Anderson. Stringer's video shows the man in the water next to Anderson as he holds his daughter. According to Stringer, the mystery man helped secure the father and daughter to the dock and keep them from drifting away. Paramedics called by witnesses arrived shortly after the three were pulled onto the dock, but the unidentified man reportedly hurried off in a taxi.

Anderson and Bridgette were taken to Bellevue Hospital and were released after treatment.

Bridgette's parents now want to thank the man.

"I'd like to offer him my congratulations and my best wishes, and I'd like to talk to him privately to convey the same message," the mother, who declined to reveal her name, told the New York Post.

SOURCE: From AOL News - Mystery Hero Helps in Tot's River Rescue

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