The things that Men notice instantly from Women

It's no shocker that women are known for judging others, but did you ever think men might be guilty of it too? It's true...and you might be surprised to learn exactly what they're honing in on. Here are three things he notices the moment you meet.

Your Friends

You can work your butt off to come across well— a flattering, flirty outfit, big smile, witty conversation—but you can’t do the same for your friends. Men know this, so if you’re out with the gals, men look at them as representatives of all your personality traits—including the not-so-good ones. “I met a girl who seemed sweet at a bar. We chatted, and she invited me to hang with her friends,” says Stan, 26. “Within 10 minutes, I realized they were all gossipy drama queens, and I bolted.” If your friends aren’t on the same win-him-over page as you are, head to your own corner of the bar.

Your Laugh

Guys pride themselves on being funny, so they look for ladies who can appreciate their sense of humor. However, there’s such a thing as laughing too much. “I went out for drinks with one girl who cracked up at everything I said, even if it wasn’t funny,” says Adam, 27. “It got on my nerves so much that I made an excuse to leave early.”

Cell-Phone Usage

You’re having a great chat with a guy when you get a text. What you do next—ignore it or write a response before putting the phone on the table so it’s easier to get to next time—tells him how you’d treat him in the future. “I met a girl at a coffee shop, and within 15 minutes, her phone rang,” says Seth, 33. “She just let it go to voice mail, which made me feel like, at that moment, I was her first priority.”

It's Your Turn: Decode His Body Language

What do you notice first when you meet a guy? How important are early red flags?

Source: Surprising things men notice about women instantly

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