Manila Police Chief torture holdup suspect

When i watched tv the other night, i saw the news regarding to a man who allegedly a suspect for hold up, was tortured by a Police Officer inside the prison jail. It really my heart break watching the naked person who was tortured violently. If you will be able to watch the video, you will see how he was tortured. The Police man tied a rope in the victim's penis, that was painful for sure! The wife of the victim found him in the hospital dead.

I was thinking, the victim is still a suspect. He should be innocent until proven guilty. And even if he is guilty, there's no one who has the right to do that to him. I was really angry while watching the video and i almost cried. That is very painful to the family of the victim.

Watch the video from youtube:

Read the Full Information - Officers held over Manila police 'torture' video

MANILA (AFP) - – Philippine authorities are holding 11 policemen amid a probe into an alleged torture video filmed at a Manila police station.

The officers, among them a mid-ranking policeman, are to face a disciplinary hearing on Friday, according to Chief Superintendent Roberto Rongavilla, head of a police task force investigating the incident.

The graphic recording, which has enraged the Philippine public since it was broadcast on Tuesday, showed a man in civilian clothes whipping a naked man writhing on a white tiled floor.

In between blows the torturer yanked a rope that appeared to be tied to the victim's penis.

"These people (the officers) are now under the custody of the Manila police," said Rongavilla, adding that a formal complaint will be read against the men.

"The internal affairs office has issued summons and an initial hearing will be held this afternoon," he said.

All 11 had been posted at the Asuncion community police precinct in the high-crime Manila slum district of Tondo, but were suspended after public outcry sparked a government investigation.

While allegations of torture and extra-judicial killings carried out by police and military are nothing new, the broadcast of the video was the first time such an incident has been seen on public television.

Local network ABS-CBN, which broadcast the clip, did not say when the incident took place, and the fate of the victim was unclear. It said an unnamed informant took the footage with a mobile phone.

Rongavilla told ABS-CBN that the investigation will also look into allegations that the officer accused of torturing the naked man had committed similar offences.

"Many people are coming out alleging their sons and husbands had been given similar treatment," he added.

"The investigation will attempt to establish a time frame and the dates when the alleged actions took place," Rongavilla added.

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